Aerial Photography

Texas Tailwheel's chief flight instructor Ryan's primary work for is Red Wing Aerial Photography as an aerial photographer. Because of this work he is quite familiar with visual navigation to small geographical reference points as well as with operations in busy airspace and tight location standards and can help pilots get more comfortable in similar environments.

If you are interested in having aerial photos of your site in North Texas, please contact the home office to arrange for them to be taken!

Red Wing Aerial Photography
(210) 828-5366

We fly in some of the busiest airspace around and have a good working relationship with ATC. Note DFW International Airport in the photo below. More of Ryan's work can be viewed at

Marketing photo with DFW Airport in the background

Below are some samples of our work:

Air-to-Air photos

Crop Duster


Marketing photos

Dallas Country Club

Marketing photo

Ali Baba Restaurant - you can buy us lunch there anytime!

Marketing photo

Construction Progress

Construction Progress Photo

Dallas Trinity River Full

We also do Ground Photography packages